Lead Consultant and Project Lead

Since the firm was established in 1995, PROS has completed more the 1100 projects in over 48 states and numerous projects internationally in seven countries.

Management consulting and planning services offered by PROS span the full spectrum of planning needs for public agencies, and are grouped into the following practice areas:

  • Planning Strategic Planning
  • Assessments
  • Web Design and Development
  • Customer Service Training 

The project will be led by Leon Younger and supported by Sarah Durham from the PROS Team.

Landscape Architect

Since being founded in 1998, Context has grown into one of the largest dedicated landscape architecture studios in Indiana.  Our team of landscape architects is capable of handling projects at every scale.  Likewise, our reputation is built on a personal, collaborative approach to design and project management that helps our clients achieve award-winning results through creative and engaging projects.

As we have grown our practice to compete in a dynamic and fast-paced world, Context purposefully remains focused on the personal experience of outstanding service. Whether during the phases of community engagement, project development, master planning or implementation, we are committed to building great places to live.  We value people, diversity, and loyalty and aspire to provide an uncommon level of care and attention to the diverse clients and the communities we serve.

The project will be led by Fred Prazeau and supported by Joe Mayes and Marc Ancel.