Strategic Master Plan 2019-2023


Project Objectives

  • Engage the community, leadership and stakeholders through innovative public input means to build a shared vision for parks, recreation, facilities and trails in Brownsburg for the next five years.
  • Use a wide variety of data sources and best practices to predict trends and patterns of use and how to address unmet needs in the Town of Brownsburg.
  • Determine unique Level of Service Standards to develop appropriate actions regarding parks, recreation, facilities, and trails that reflects the Town’s strong commitment in providing high-quality recreational activities for the community.
  • Shape financial and operational preparedness through innovative practices to achieve the strategic objectives and recommended actions.
  • Develop a dynamic and realistic strategic action plan that creates a road map to ensure long-term success and financial sustainability for the Town’s parks, recreation programs, open spaces and trails, as well as action steps to support the community and businesses that call Brownsburg home.

Focus Topics

  • Develop existing properties, develop a program plan and a timeline
  • Determine prioritization schedule and ways to enhance prioritization of capital projects
  • Sustain effort to continue to build and connect trail system
  • Provide direction for Indoor Community Center
  • Plan for adequate staff capacity to manage expanded resources

Why Make a Plan?

  • To tell the story of Brownsburg Parks’ Strategic Master Plan and future planning initiatives
  • To ensure maximum community input
  • To share all project status updates and future communication with the community

Whom is the Plan For?

Primary: Residents and users Secondary: Interested stakeholders, partners, and media


Photos, text and imagery about inventory.

Williams Park

Arbuckle Acres Park

Stephens Park

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Community Vision Session - October 9th.

Below is the presentation given to the public during the Community Vision Session on October 9th at the Brownsburg Town Hall.



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Area for note and images from the focus group meeitngs

1.1 Overview

As part of the Strategic Master Plan process, focus groups were completed on June 13th, 2018 to help lay a foundation for identifying community issues, concerns, and keys themes.  These focus groups, intercept surveys, and stakeholder interviews help craft question topics that would be beneficial for the online community survey.  A facilitation guide was developed that included a series of questions that spurred conversation and follow-up questions were asked as appropriate.

1.2 Synthesis

Focus group attendees exhibit pride and value for the Brownsburg Parks and Recreation system.  They see the department as an asset and increase the quality of life for Brownsburg residents.  With a rapid growing community, attendees appreciate the Departments due diligence in land acquisition and the development of new park amenities throughout the community.  The B & O trail, community special events, Arbuckle and Williams Park are seen as incredible assets to the community. A key theme that emerged from the focus groups was the need for additional indoor recreation space for programs and a community pool.  Attendees would like to see additional programs for the seniors, STEM programming, inclusive and middle school aged/ tween programming.  There is also a perception that current rates for classes are too high for families.  With the lack of indoor recreation space in the community, there is little to no opportunities for recreation programs during the winter time. Attendees also showed concern about public perception.  With new projects being developed all over the Town of Brownsburg, many residents are unaware what projects are being developed by the Town versus a private developer.  Attendees stressed that the Department should continue to communicate with residents on projects being completed by the Department and how they are funded. Focus group attendees would like the Strategic Master Plan to become a road map for the Department; defining where we currently are, where to do we want to go and how do we get there.  Key outcomes they would like to see is addressing the multigenerational community and aquatic center, programming opportunities that they Town is currently missing, and to continue to collect community input throughout the entire process. 1.2.1  Findings Residents Value the Most

  • Program offerings for children
  • Special Events (i.e. Farmers’ Market, Summer Concert Series, Parades)
  • Continuing to connect the B & O Trail
  • Visionary Leaders within the Parks Department
  • Working with Partners (i.e. Brownsburg Public Library, B & O Trail Association)
  • Arbuckle and Williams Park
  • Clean and the feeling of being safe while attending parks and events
  • Continuing to develop new amenities and facilities
  • Increasing the quality of life

Additional Improvement or Focus for the System

  • Trail connectivity to parks and surrounding communities
  • Community pool/aquatic center
  • Community meeting space/program space
  • Medium (50-75 people) to large (100+ people) rental shelters
  • Pickleball courts
  • Website is hard to navigate
  • Open space/greenspace for field practice for toddlers/beginners
  • Additional multi-use and ball fields

Challenges for the System in the Future

  • Budgeting
  • Planning for the growing senior population
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Perception of the value of the Brownsburg Parks Department of town officials and elected leaders
  • Acquiring land
  • Communication process to residents concerning special events, new park/facility developments, and program offerings
  • Currently, program and shelter cost for residents is too high

Programs and Services Most Needed

  • Senior programs
  • Middle school aged/ tween programs (11-14 age group)
  • STEM programming
  • At risk youth programming
  • Inclusive programming
  • High cost for programming, not feasible for families with more than one kid
  • Lack of programming in the winter months
  • Opportunity to combine seniors with middle school kids who can teach the kids home EC, home improvements vice versa kids could teach seniors cell phone and computers
  • Partner with BOAA to help with senior programs
  • A.S.E Camp could improve by safer drop-off and pick-up procedure and adding qualified staff

Facilities and Amenities Most Needed

  • Multigenerational Community Center (centrally located)
  • Aquatic Center/ Water Park
  • Outdoor exercise fitness trail
  • Sports fields (multi-use and ball fields) perhaps a destination sports park
  • Dog park
  • Conversational seating along trails
  • Water fountains and dog fountains along the trail
  • Additional parking and trail heads along the trail

Supportive of Increase Tax Support to Help with Park Development

  • Supportive
  • Generally supportive, as long as the increases went to park development
  • Would need to communicate what will be built and how the money will be used

Current Marketing Efforts

  • Facebook, mailing works the best
  • Email – utilize short headlines with a link that provides additional detail
  • Could tap into NextDoor Neighbor, each neighborhood has a Leader/Champion that post Parks information
  • Additional newsletters through B.A.S.E Camp
  • Provide a welcome packet for new residents possible through realtor or the Towns Water
  • Could utilize additional on-street signage
  • You can never over communicate

Government Services Competing with Private Services (especially regarding Community Center)

  • Different clientele at smaller gyms, different element
  • Some people are for it and some are against it – most realize private/niche gyms have separate demographic and clientele
  • Not the same entities (not-for-profit vs. for-profit)
  • Community Centers have worked in surrounding communities and smaller gyms are still being developed (such as the YMCA in Avon and the Community Center in Plainfield)
  • The Town and Department should understand how private business owners work
  • Most private gyms offer niche programs that are serving specific demographics

Key Outcomes from the Strategic Master Planning Process

  • Multi-generational Community Center with an indoor/outdoor aquatic component
  • Road map on where we are, where do we want to go and how do we get there
  • Continue gathering community input – listening to what offerings and amenities residents want
  • Dog Park
  • Focus on Senior Programming

Change One Thing about the System in the Next 10 Years

  • Carefully plan for the changing demographics and the growing community
  • Connectivity of the trail system, not just within the Town but with surround communities
  • Land acquisition
  • Multi-generational Community Center/ Aquatic Center
  • More support for the Brownsburg Parks Department – possible be its own entity

Other Comments

  • Benchmark against other similar communities that have a Community Center to see what they are doing well at and what has not worked
  • The Parks Department should bring the Community together, the Community Center could be a gem, focal point and asset to the Town
  • Brownsburg staff is amazing and helpful and special events are amazing
  • Volunteering process if tuff and not user friendly
  • Adding adventure sports, skateboard park, mountain bike courses
  • There is a concern the families will leave Brownsburg due to the lack of amenities and programs offered. Families are having to travel for recreation program opportunities and aquatic programs.

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