Multigenerational Community Center



Project Description

  • More than four years have passed since Brownsburg Parks worked with consultants, Town officials and community members to develop a feasibility study for a multi-generational community center to be located in the heart of downtown within Arbuckle Acres Park.

    Over the last few years, Brownsburg Parks has collected additional community input on indoor and outdoor recreation needs. This input, collected through a statistically valid community needs assessment as well as informal surveys, has not varied significantly from the original needs assessment that drove the 2014 feasibility study. Community center components including fitness/wellness facilities, indoor swimming pool, indoor running/walking track, and multi-activity courts have been identified by residents as the most important features of a multi-generational community center.

    In 2017, the Town Council and Park Board signed a letter of intent to work toward a capital partnership with IU Health West Hospital. Negotiations have been ongoing over the last year to develop the partnership which will consist of  IU Health West Hospital sharing space within the multi-generational community center. IU Health West Hospital’s programming would include physician services, wellness education classes, cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy.

    In August 2018, the Park Board and Town Council agreed to approve funding for staff to proceed toward pre-design of the multi-generational community center. This is the next reasonable step in the planning phase and will further engage key stakeholders to formulate a defined facility concept and funding plan for the construction and operation of the center.

    The vision for a multi-generational community center is to serve more than fitness, aquatics and recreation needs. It will be important to design a flexible, multi-use facility that can offer a unique gathering place in the center of downtown for all ages. This facility will add critically needed indoor community space that can support community partners. We anticipate this facility not only increasing the number of  health and wellness opportunities in Brownsburg, but also strengthening community ties, ultimately increasing the level of pride residents have for our town.

Project Goals

  • Re-engaging the community to produce an updated and enhanced concept, including to-scale floor plans with illustrative renderings.
  • Producing site, staffing and maintenance analyses based on the type of programming and amenities the community desires.
  • Updating the 2014 financial plan and pro forma to determine a responsible cost point that taxpayers can support. This plan will:
    • Assess multiple types of funding solutions including but not limited to user fees to offset operational expenses, capital partnerships and sponsorships, grassroots fundraising efforts, and a potential bond.
    • Reflect funding for construction and ongoing operations and maintenance, as well as the desired cost-recovery levels generated by user fees.




Tuesday, March 6 | 6:30 PM

Location: Council Room, Town Hall 

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