Q: How long is this planning process?

A: The project duration from start to finish is 10 months with an anticipated completion date by March 2019

Q: Can anyone participate?

A: Yes, this is a community-input driven process and the outcome and future recommendations will be driven by the needs and vision articulated by the community members.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Through the “Participate” section of this website. You can provide open-ended questions, suggestions, respond to the online survey, learn the dates of public meetings and share feedback through Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Who is responsible for this study?

A: Brownsburg Parks has hired PROS Consulting, Inc., a nationally recognized firm headquartered in Indianapolis, to assist with the development of the Strategic Master Plan.. The primary contact is Leon Younger, President and supported by Sarah Durham, Project Consultant.  Learn more about Brownsburg Parks and the Design Team.

Q: Where can I find information on the project?

A: Project information, including key meeting dates, completed technical reports and final documents, will be made available through this website.

Q: What is the difference between a Recreation Center and a Community Center?

Community Center – Customarily a public building used for diverse community programming, such as public meetings, banquet rooms, hosting of conference and/or training activities, classroom space, private events and gatherings, fitness activities, and administration support.  A Community Center is often designed to meet specific needs informed by community input.  To maximize benefit to the public, the design of a Community Center intentionally focuses on serving a broad cross section of patrons across a wide age ranges.  Because peak activities for different age groups often occur on different schedules, programming is key to maximizing value for all citizens.  Because such a wide cross-section of patrons use Community Centers, it is common to see corporate sponsors and/or private businesses choose to affiliate with such facilities.

Recreation Center – Sometimes a public or private facility that is primarily intended to host sports leagues, athletic competition, fitness programs, and related training activities. Recreation Centers vary in size and focus, many times offering a mix of indoor and outdoor recreation, as well as targeted activities such as aquatic facilities.  A Recreation Center’s amenities are often informed by marketplace demand for some or all of the following needs: indoor/outdoor court facilities, indoor/outdoor field sports facilities, indoor/outdoor aquatics, locker rooms, weight rooms, café space, and opportunities for public/private partnerships.  In instances where a public/private partnership is forged, both parties must carefully understand how capital costs and revenue are shared, as well as whether the public or private entity controls schedule, gate/admittance, field/court access, parking, and ongoing maintenance.