About Brownsburg Parks

Brownsburg Parks is your place to find affordable, wholesome family fun and entertainment; personal development through enrichment, physical activity and healthy lifestyle activities; and social interaction with other community members. We manage more than 300 acres of park land and open space and offer a variety of recreation programs, activities and special events annually.

Browse our website to learn more about our activities and programs or to register for before- and after-school care, camps, extended break child care and activities. You’ll also discover information outlining future park development within our Town, our strategic business plan and feedback we’ve received from the community through multiple surveys.

Like the Town of Brownsburg, Brownsburg Parks are growing and offering additional services and amenities to community members. We’re excited about the changes happening in your parks and hope you are, too! Thank you for choosing Brownsburg Parks!

“To enhance the quality of life in Brownsburg and further its economic development goals to create a community of choice to live, work and play now and for future generations.”

“To maximize resources in providing beautiful parks, recreation activities and quality facilities to the Brownsburg community that enhance residents’ health and promote economic vitality for long-term sustainability.”


Inclusion: We embrace different ways of thinking to ensure we help build a community for everyone.
Growth: We challenge ourselves to have a bigger impact on the community.
Integrity: We strive to build the respect and trust of the community.
Relationships: We build relationships to connect with our community.
Wellness: We improve our well-being so we can create opportunities for community members to live a healthy lifestyle.  
Socially – Parks and recreation strengthens community ties.
Physically – Parks and recreation engage all ages in healthy lifestyles.
Mentally – Parks and recreation provide enrichment opportunities all year for youth and adults.
Economically – Parks raise property values, recreation provides jobs to area youth, and special events contribute to the economic impact to local business.