Planning your Brownsburg Park System

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Brownsburg Comprehensive Parks Master Plan

This process will formally update the Brownsburg Comprehensive Park Master Plan. This is a crowdsourcing, responsive design project website for the Strategic Master Plan for the Town of Brownsburg, Indiana.


To tell the story of the Town’s Master plan and future planning initiatives.

To allow maximum engagement from the user base.

To share all project status updates and future communication with the community.


NEXT Public Meeting

Wednesday, December 5th, 6:30pm
Location: Council Room, Town Hall


What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan acts as a roadmap for future decisions regarding the park system. Many master planning processes use a four step process.

Step 1: Document the current conditions and needs within the existing parks, facilities, and community.

Step 2: Listen to and record the community’s ideas, needs, concerns and desires for the park.

Step 3: Propose a future vision for the park and establish priorities for what areas are to be redesigned, renovated, reimagined, and programmed.

Step 4: Provide implementation guidance on funding opportunities, where to focus funding, and a timeline to achieve the vision established during the process.